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[Aug 28, 2005
@ 10:08pm]

JOIN! Its a cute idea... post a list of things that make you happy, ect. Post as often and much as you'd like. I think its awesome! JOIN cause its just getting started!
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[Jul 26, 2005
@ 1:44am]

My scanner broke so I can't update on this community *tear* we need to get active!
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[Jul 21, 2005
@ 5:24am]

SUP! this community has pretty much died off. ;[

Well I drew something the other day.
& i feel like sharing it.
even though it sucks.

i wanna know what it's like in the inside of loveCollapse )
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Travelling with Crayola~ [Jul 10, 2005
@ 1:39pm]

[ mood | curious ]


I'm always toting my crayons around... the big box of 94 is awkward and takes up way too much space... any ideas as to a little container I can keep some in for easy travelling?

I was at a restaurant that gave the kids a little travel soap box full of crayons n' thought that was a great idea... wondering if anyone else has another idea~


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I heart Summer. [Jul 02, 2005
@ 12:44pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

& I heart Crayons.Collapse )

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[May 19, 2005
@ 4:27pm]

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[May 16, 2005
@ 7:38pm]

Haha. I thought this was sort of funny, in an immature way.

My mom just informed me that when her and her sister were little, they used to eat crayons and their poop would be different colors. It made me laugh hysterically. I don't even know why.
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mod//im aloud [May 10, 2005
@ 1:44pm]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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[Apr 23, 2005
@ 8:58pm]
who wants to be my fav member er mod.
and make a new layout that looks good/better then this crap one i tried to make a long time ago?
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Coloring Books are Love [Apr 20, 2005
@ 8:39pm]


What I do when I'm BoredCollapse )

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[Apr 19, 2005
@ 4:42pm]

Hi, I'm a new mod!
I made some new promo banners, they're in the userinfo.
Promotion keeps this community alive!
If you promote I'll uhmm...draw you something special?
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mod// [Apr 18, 2005
@ 8:50pm]
aww i absolutly love how you guys are keeping this community active.
anyone any good at graphics and want to be a mod?
apply here with some work.
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Yeah... lots more [Apr 13, 2005
@ 11:54pm]

Midnight doodlingsCollapse )
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i was really bored when i came home from school... [Apr 13, 2005
@ 4:15pm]

so i made a timeline of my day, sort of.

It's kind of big, so be warned.
And it looks kind of retarded, just because i lost a bunch of colors and i can't draw people very well.
My day of fun or something.Collapse )
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